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Is a Mobile Notary right for you?

Our Mobile Notaries are professional Notaries Public that travel to you for your notarial and legal needs. If you’re located at a business, hospital, school, church or otherwise, are not able to travel and need notarial services on site, Baton Rouge Notary is for you.

Able to come to us? Check out our Walk-In Notary page to find a location near you.

How it Works

To find out more about how Baton Rouge Notary works, click here.


Personal Information

Please begin by filling in your name by choosing your preferred prefix.

Then type your first name, last name and any suffix into their respective boxes.

Add your phone number with area code in the format xxx-xxx-xxxx, and your email address in the format


Requested Notary Location
Next, enter the Address, City, State and ZIP Code of the location you would like to meet the Mobile Notary.


Date and Time
Begin by entering your preferred appointment date, then selecting your preferred time for the notary to arrive at the location.

TIP: Booking more than 3 hours in advance allows us a better chance to accommodate your request. Please call if you need immediate assistance after booking online.

Next, note whether your requested date and time is for a night or weekend.

Remember, Baton Rouge Notary may not be able to accommodate your preferred date and time. Requests are only processed during normal business hours.


Let us know if your document requires witnesses by selecting No, I’m not sure, Yes and I will provide them or Yes and I need help providing them from the dropdown menu.

Find out more about Witnesses here.


Additional Information
If you have any additional details or special requests concerning the location or your situation, add them the Additional Information Box.


Age Verification and Submission
Click the box labeled “Yes” if you are at least 18 years of age. If you are not 18 years of age, we cannot legally notarize your signature.

Double-check the information you entered for accuracy. When the form is complete, click Book Now to be taken to an order summary page where you can review your order. After reviewing your order, click Proceed to Checkout to be taken to our Billing Details page. Fill in your billing information and click that you’ve read and accepted our terms and conditions.

Mobile Notary – Deposit

Base Price: $50.00

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  • Requests made during normal business hours will be promptly confirmed. Others will be confirmed the next business day or sooner.
  • Find out more about who can be a witness in our FAQs.
  • Please provide any additional details
    * All fields are required.
  • $0.00

Customer Testimonials

Check out some of our customer testimonials below!

Jo R.

I was very impressed with the professionalism, friendliness and helpful attitude that everyone displayed to me. The whole process took less than 10 minutes and I was out of there. Thank you so much!

Cliff D.

Great service.

Jean B.

It was fast and the staff was super friendly. They rock! 😉

Alex. C.

Perkins Road Notary is very professional, knowledgeable and efficient.

Valencia A.

I was very pleased and will recommend to friends and neighbors.

Read more testimonials from our valued customers HERE.

Baton Rouge Notary

Baton Rouge Notary provides mobile notary services to the Greater Baton Rouge Area. We proudly stand behind our work and the accomplishments of our notaries and attorneys on staff.

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